Fair Squared Condoms Ultrathin² - 100er

Fair Squared Condoms Ultrathin² - 100er

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Fair Squared Condoms Ultrathin² - 100er

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Fair Squared Condoms Ultrathin² - 100er

Fair Squared’s Ultra Thin condoms are made with especially thin latex and designed to give you heightened sensation and a natural feeling.

They are manufactured with latex sourced from Kerala in Southern India under fair trade conditions, ensuring a fair deal for the producers and for the environment: Its producers receive a Fair Trade premium to help improve their living and working conditions. Fair Squared goes further than providing a Fair Trade premium to its producers however: The condoms are manufactured by company CPR, a carbon neutral manufacturer based in Germany, meaning that the impact of these condoms on the environment is minimised. Ethical condoms for guilt free pleasure.

Transparent cylindrically formed teat-ended, lubricated with a non-spermicidal lubricant. Nominal width: 52mm.

These are premium quality condoms that have been manufactured and tested to the highest international standards. CE marked for guaranteed quality. They are suitable for vegetarians, though the inclusion of milk protein means that they are not suitable for vegans.

Art Code: 4719654
EAN Code: 4260365853116

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